Is a Weight Loss 3 Day Water Fast a Good Idea?

by editor on July 17, 2020

Weight Loss 3 Day Water Fast

If you do a simple internet search for ways to lose weight quickly, you will come across a lot of different ideas. Some of them are much more extreme, and a lot more dangerous, than others, so it is really important to differentiate between what would be a rational approach to weight loss, and what would be a risky approach.

One strategy that you might have read about is a weight loss 3 day water fast. Is this a good idea, or is this something that should be avoided? Check out the info below to get the answer.

First of All, What’s a Weight Loss 3 Day Water Fast? 

According to Medical News Today, water fasting involves only drinking water, and not eating any food, for a certain span of time. Typically, a water fast can last 24 hours to three days, but it should not go longer than that.

Some people do this for religious or spiritual reasons, while others do it because they think that it can improve their health, and still others do it to shed excess weight.  

Is It Safe to Go on a 3 Day Water Fast? 

A short-term water fast might be fine for some individuals, but water fasting is not right for everyone.

Some of the potential side effects include changes in blood pressure, nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, trouble focusing, dizziness, and hyponatremia. And, if you are not drinking enough water, you even risk dehydration because you aren’t getting any water from food like you normally would.

  • You should not go on a water fast if you are under the age of 18, if you are an older adult, or you are underweight.
  • If you have been diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), heartburn, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, or an eating disorder, you shouldn’t go on a water fast.
  • Don’t go on a water fast if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

There Are Better Ways to Slim Down!

Let’s face it: going on a weight loss 3 day water fast is really difficult. Why challenge yourself in that way for results that are likely going to be temporary? Even if you lose some weight, you will likely gain it right back once you start eating normally again.

A better approach to slimming down would probably be just following the classic dieting and exercising routine. Change how you eat so you can consume more natural ingredients that are also lower in calories and fat. Add more physical activity to your daily life so you can burn additional calories to lose weight. And, take one of the top rated weight loss pills to get extra support.

Now that you know more about the weight loss 3 day water fast, and its pros and cons, you can make the right decision that will allow you to slim down.

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