Phentermine Types – Differences and Similarities

Though you may be considering prescription diet pills, you should be aware of the fact that there are several different Phentermine types from which you can choose.

If you learn about which different Phentermine types are available, then you’ll be better prepared to make the right decisions for yourself and help to work with your doctor to make sure that you lose weight quickly and safely.

Though there are virtually countless different manufacturers, when it all comes down to it, there are a limited number of Phentermine types that are legally available on today’s prescription drug shelves. 

Have a look at the following Phentermine types to help you to get started:

  • Format – capsules and tablets are the most common format for this medication.
  • Formula – it is available in formulas called Phentermine, Phentermine HCl, Phentermine hydrochloride, or Phentermine resin depending on the manufacturer.
  • Strength – depending on the pill, a different amount of the drug is dispensed with each dose. Some pills contain as little as 8mg (which are typically prescribed to be taken three times per day) as well as 15mg, 18.5mg, 30mg, and 37.5mg strengths (each of which are typically prescribed to be taken one time per day).

The option that is right for you is dependent on a number of different factors, which can include your age, weight, any medical conditions you may have, any other medications that you may be taking at the same time that you’ll be using one of the Phentermine types, and any history of reactions – such as powerful side effects – that you may have to this or similar drugs in the past. 

The most commonly prescribed Phentermine types are those in a 37.5mg strength and are usually capsules, though tablets are very popular, as well.  Though many doctors will prescribe this top strength right at the start of the diet, others prefer to try a gentler dose to begin with and if a stronger medication is required, then they up the dosage as needed. 

This is because this drug is known for having the potential for side effects as well as the development of a tolerance by the body, which can lead to withdrawal symptoms.  The higher the dosage, the greater the chance of these unpleasant side effects and withdrawal.  This is also the reason that it is exceptionally important for you to follow the directions very carefully when taking this drug, and that you should not take more than prescribed if it starts becoming less effective.


Types of Phentermine Drugs

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