Top 3 Reasons Your Low Carb Diet Isn’t Working

by editor on October 18, 2022

Low Carb Diet Isn’t Working

There are few things more frustrating than when you work hard, and your low carb diet isn’t working. After all the changes you’ve made, the learning you’ve done, and the sacrifices, the number on the scale just won’t fall.

Unfortunately, the answer to why your low carb diet isn’t working is likely a complex one. It may not be a matter of doing one thing wrong. Instead, there are many factors you need to consider. That said, if you take the time to examine your diet and why it may not be working, you may be able to fix some struggles you didn’t even know you were facing.

Here Are Top Reasons Your Low Carb Diet Isn’t Working

You’re Eating the Wrong Amount

Just because you’re eating low carbs, it doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want of the rest of the macros. You need to make sure you’re eating enough, but that you’re not eating too much. If you don’t know how to do this, a dietitian or your doctor can help you to find the answer. Eating the right amount isn’t hard to do. Still, you do need to have the right information to make the right choices.

Pay attention to your macronutrient balance. That said, when a low carb diet isn’t working, you must also check calories, fiber and other nutrition factors.

You Have Unrealistic Expectations

For many people who think that their low carb diet isn’t working, it actually is. Even an effective diet isn’t going to cause miracles to happen overnight. If you work hard for two days and hop on the scale and don’t see ten pounds of weight loss, you shouldn’t be disappointed. Actually, you should be relieved as that would be terrible for your health!

Before you decide your low carb diet isn’t working, make sure you know what to expect. If your expectations are unrealistic, adjust them!

Your Stress Levels Are High

High stress or chronic stress can cause your cravings, energy levels and metabolism to change. Unfortunately for the number on your scale, these changes usually make things worse, not better. If your low carb diet isn’t working, consider your stress levels. Work on coping strategies.

Prioritize sleep, try meditating and practice yoga. Do what you can to bring those stress levels back down. Once you do, you might find you won’t be saying your low carb diet isn’t working anymore.

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