Learn More than Your Weight with a Smart Bathroom Scale

by editor on October 18, 2022

Smart Bathroom Scale

Ever heard of a smart bathroom scale? The odds are that if you have a way to measure your weight, it’s in the form of a traditional analog or digital variety. That said, that’s likely all it does. It weighs you…or your dog…or that huge package you want to take to the post office.

Still, without a smart scale, your options with this tool are limited. Your weight is an interesting and helpful thing to know. However, your body is made up of many things. If you’re weighing yourself on a traditional scale, you’ll find out the total weight of all those things. Equally, you won’t really know where the weight is coming from.

What Did You Lose This Week?

Unless you have a bathroom scale, you will know how many pounds you weigh. However, if you lose or you gain, you have no way to know whether those pounds went up or down because of changes in your body fat. You may also have gained muscle or lost some retained water weight.

You could think that you’ve been stuck on a plateau for weeks. In truth, it could be that the lean muscle you’re building and the fat you’re burning are balancing each other off on the scale. Without a smart bathroom scale, the odds are that you won’t know the difference. This can wreak havoc on your motivation levels.

What to Look for in a Smart Bathroom Scale

There are a growing number of smart bathroom scale options out there for you. The more there are, the less they tend to cost. However, this also makes it more challenging to know which one is right for you. The following are some of the leading options currently readily available. You can find these in retail stores or online, whichever you prefer.

Consider a few of the following smart bathroom scale models before you start shopping:

  • Under Armor Scale – Buy the scale on its own or purchase it as a component of the brand’s HealthBox (which also contains a heart rate monitor and a wrist-worn fitness tracker). It provides you with a reading of your weight and body weight percentage while tracking your progress toward your goal.
  • FitBit Aria WiFi Smart Scale – This smart bathroom scale measures your lean mass and body fat percentage, as well as organ weight, bone weight and water weight. That way, you are better equipped to understand just what you’re gaining and losing. As such, you’ll be better able to tell which parts of your strategy are and are not working for you.

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