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by editor on April 9, 2022

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Phenternin is a weight loss supplement that uses a proprietary formula that claims to include 100 percent pure hoodia. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for dieters to be sure about this claim, as there are dozens, if not hundreds of other weight loss product manufacturers that are all trying to take advantage of the hype associated with hoodia without using the correct form and part of the cactus-like plant, which is quite rare and expensive.


What is Phenternin Hoodia?

This makes it hard to know if Phenternin Hoodia actually offers the ingredient that can be very effective for suppressing the appetite, or if it is simply another one of the products that are there to make money, not to help dieters. If it does contain the pure plant in its correct form and in adequate amounts, then it does have the possibility of providing strong appetite suppression. It has been tested in a number of studies and was even featured in a segment on CBS’s 60 minutes to show its abilities as a powerful diet aid without any negative side effects.

According to the manufacturers, Phenternin Hoodia includes 750 mg of this ingredient within each pill. Each bottle of the product contains 90 pills (a one month supply). One of the items that this product does have in its favor to suggest that it could have the potential of using the right form of hoodia, is that its manufacturer states that it is only of only a few companies that have all of the necessary certifications and permits to sell a product with hoodia in its pure form. For example, it states that it has a photosanitary permit, a CITES permit, and a USDA protected plant permit. These statements were made by the manufacturer, Phenternin, but were not verified with the permit issuing organizations for the purposes of this review.

Phenternin Hoodia also boasts that it is a stimulant-free product. This is helpful for individuals who are sensitive to the effects of stimulants, such s caffeine, which can present in ways such as jitters, nausea, headaches, and sleep problems.

Is There Any Research?

Research performed by the manufacturer has indicated that in order to be beneficial for appetite suppression, a dieter should have over 2000 milligrams of hoodia every day. As each daily dose of Phenternin Hoodia is three pills containing 750 milligrams, each, this is well above the necessary minimum. No third-party research has been cited to support that claim. This is also notable because many other hoodia supplements contain approximately 250 to 400 mg per serving – regardless of whether or not they are the right form of the ingredient.

April 2022 Phenternin Review Update

This Phenternin Hoodia review was updated in April 2022, at which point listings for the sale of this product could no longer be found. It is the assumption of the authors of this review that it has been discontinued, though this assumption has not been officially confirmed by the manufacturer of the product, as their contact information could no longer be located online – another reason to suspect that the product is not available.

If generic Adipex is not appropriate for your weight loss strategy because you are not obese, but you were looking for a product such as Phenternin, there remain many options out there for you.  Look for a product with clinically researched ingredients and that has accumulated a substantial number of positive verified reviews across many websites.  Intechra Health Inc. is a company well known for its diet pills that have been able to stand the test of time.  These tablets and capsules have helped thousands of dieters by supporting them in sticking to their healthy lifestyle changes.

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androshi January 8, 2023 at 8:35 pm

i have bought this pill over the internet ,ebay exactly -and it was a good pill for me. it helped my cravings for a good 4 hours -and then i felt back to my normal self .the trick with this pill is to know your feeding time and by knowing your feeding time ,you know when your hungry ,and when your not but your still eating. my problem was i would eat any time of the day ,and i would not count my calories – now i count my calories. my feeding time is 12 pm ,2pm ,4,6,8,10 12 am – without the pill – with the pill it knocks out 2 of those hours which is usually 2 pm, and 4 pm -so now i have 12,6,8,10,12 -which is not bad -now i also invested in those colored cups and i portion control my meals -its like i have to look for more weapons to help me lose the weight. (i have a spine issue ,so thats why i didnt write and exercises -but when i feel good -i do exercise )


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