Legal Phentermine in the US – Does it Exist Online?

Legal Phentermine in US

A common misconception is that the weight loss drug phentermine is an illegal substance. Afterall, buying Phentermine online is next to impossible. This article is intended to clear up any confusion there may be about legal Phentermine in the US.

Confusion about legal phentermine in the US

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant diet drug, but it is not the only drug available that suppresses hunger. This may be where the confusion over what drugs are legal and what ones are not occurs. The reason is, not all appetite suppressants are legal in America. For example, ephedra is now banned and considered to be an illegal substance because it has been found to cause serious and dangerous side effects.

Phentermine is a controlled substance, which means that how it is manufactured, dispensed, delivered, administered, and used is strictly regulated. Since there have been regulations put into place, in order to obtain legal phentermine in the US, a person requires a prescription before they can purchase any product that contains the ingredient.

Is phentermine FDA approved?

Phentermine is a FDA approved appetite suppressant and was first given approval by the Food and Drug Administration in 1959 as a short-term treatment of obesity. It is available in three oral forms: tablet, capsule and resin capsule. Resin has been available in the United States since 1959, and phentermine hydrochloride since the early 70’s. This diet drug is sold under both generic and brand names (i.e. Adipex-P and Ionamin), and continues to be the most common prescription appetite suppressant prescribed by licensed medical professionals.

Is buying phentermine without a prescription legal?

As was previously stated, any drug that contains the substance phentermine can only be purchased if a person has a prescription from a physician. To buy a product that has this ingredient without a doctor’s approval is illegal. Therefore, the only legal phentermine in the US is that which is sold by companies that follow the necessary regulations that have been put into place for this substance. To not follow these stringent policies is not only illegal, but reduces the product’s safety and efficacy.

Is there legal phentermine in the US online?

Finally, you may have seen phentermine for sale online and have wondered if legal phentermine in the US can be sold on the Internet. The answer is yes, but the company selling the medication must be permitted to do so. Typically, only a select few pharmacies online sell this product legally. They will require a prescription from you just like a walk-in pharmacy would.

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